We are a multidisciplinary group of professionals with a vision innovative to feel and experience International Trade, offering comprehensive solutions to the logistics chain companies , made according to their requirements and particular needs.

Our Partners

It is a Mexican company specialized in rent helicopter with external cargo hook for the HVAC industry , wind energy , construction , mining, construction lifts , construction of power transmission lines , so on.

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Dedicated to providing a comprehensive service shopping import items and placing Mexican products abroad. We have an Importation license, sectorial , textile and service IMMEX certificate.

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We have the technical ability to install or relocate a full industrial plant or part of it, there of a country to another , anywhere in the world through service system Turn key, fully taking responsibility for all phases of the project.

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If the success of your company depends on international Logistics,
Group Soher makes it happen.


We offer Logistic Solutions at One Stop Shop Our services can be contracted independently , without we take care of the entire global operation .

Customs clearance

For import and export goods.
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Air, sea , land and multimodal transport.

Transportation services in all modes : air, land, maritime and multimodal
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National and tax warehouse

Storage of domestic goods and low tax warehouse
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Cargo insurance

We ensure the value of your goods under innovative schemes that allow secure your different cargo types of events without compulsory terms, with 0 % deductible and policy delivery to 10 min from being hired.
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Customs inspections abroad (Prior to Origin)

Verification of variables such as product, billing, container conditions , product packaging and the product itself . All this before the supplier ship for the customer.

Supplier audits abroad

We offer audits and inspection, testing, quality control and certification of almost every field imaginable, such as oil, textiles, toys, among others.

Advisory and consultancy services in foreign trade

Service provided by an internal person or independent persons and qualified in the identification and investigation of problems related to policies and organization of foreign trade activities.
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Warehousing in chicago

Storage center, pick 'n pack, transportation and distribution in Chicago More Information

Household goods

Transfer of personal items to and from anywhere in the world , both diplomatic and ordinary type.

pecial projects

Handling dangerous goods Charters ships and aircraft Hand carrier import and export

Recovery international cargo insuranc

Recovery international cargo insurance . legal representation of insurance experts at international level to deal with denial of payment or breach of insurance companies. Our service is unique with assurance : " No win, no fee".

Cargo Services

The terminal has the capacity to store empty and full containers, as well as the general cargo receipt, in an area of 35,000 m2 More Information

Global level representation

We belong to two networking organizations specialized in our business of the freight forwarding , which allows us to have global representation of our company and address shipments anywhere in the world , the names of these are: Pangea and WFN ( World Freight Network)

Meeting with Pangea in Barcelona 2015

World Freight Network Meeting

 Unconditional creativity
in our solutions

Grupo Soher coverage

We have a presence in 5 continents through our network of agents.

We have coverage in the main customs of Mexico: Manzanillo, Lázaro Cárdenas, Veracruz, Salina Cruz, Cuidad Hidalgo, Ensenada, Ciudad de México, Pantaco, Puebla, Querétaro, Laredo and Nuevo Laredo.