The service of domestic goods storage, allows the companies to have big and functional storage facilities for their products. Outsourcing these services is useful for efficient and safe handling of the operation so that companies can focus in their core business. It covers critical inventory turnover, scale economies, goods stored in optimal safety and efficiency conditions, avoiding staff hiring, and purchases of equipment and infrastructure to handle the goods, and savings in investment and/or leasing of facilities.

Inscription in the importers registry

Storage in bonded warehouses allows you to deposit your goods without having to pay foreign trade duties for the term you deem necessary, thus saving resources because the payment of import taxes, ADT, Fee of Customs Procedure, and other taxes can be postponed, for as long as you wish.

We receive goods from companies based abroad. By means of this customs procedure, Grupo SOHER receives and safekeeps the goods of foreign companies that want to make business in Mexico without opening a branch.

Grupo SOHER provides the benefits of existing in regions and stripes that are close to the border by means of its offices in these zones.