Grupo Soher provides sea transport to and from any commercial site and all shipment modes. We have a broad experience in the field and a large network of trade partners overseas. Some of our services are:

  • Service in full container loads.
  • Service for stuffed cargo (LCL: Less than Container Load) with freight prices based on the actual size and weight of the shipment.
  • Oversized cargo handling.
  • Dry goods handling.
  • Liquid and solid bulk cargo.
  • Door to door service.
  • Tracking & tracing. Shipment status information.

Grupo Soher’s goal is a timely arrival of our costumer’s dispatches. To achieve this, we have a large network of commercial partners in Mexico and worldwide so that all the shipments arrive to their finally destination on time and in proper conditions. We offer 2 types of air services that can be tailored to our costumers’ needs:

  1. Cargo Iports and Exports
  2. Grupo Soher owns a distribution and storage network, as well as independent and exclusive facilities in the main airports, so we can offer air products with accurately defined transit schedules allowing proper logistics determination and guaranteeing the arrival of the goods in the exact term. Some of our services are:

    • Door to door services.
    • Appropriate transportation for cargo entry to the airport
    • Airway bill fee
    • Imports and exports to and from the main airports worldwide.
    • Goods storage and custody.

  3. Charter
  4. Grupo Soher provides complete coordination of charter services including aircraft contracting, land transportation, loading and unloading, airport services, migration and customs services and further services needed to transport your cargo by charter. We have a broad network of aircrafts and we can supply aircrafts of any kind and capacity at any time.

    Our modes of charter services are:


    • Prompt service aimed at making the lowest transportation time.
    • No weight or size restrictions.
    • Door to door service.
    • Courier service available.


    • Ground hauling services in origin and destiny locations.
    • Goods loading and unloading maneuvers.
    • Customs, migration and broker service.
    • Bilingual staff.

Grupo Soher offers its national and international ground services, so that your load is transported safely from collection final destination so that you may not concern yourself with none of the paperwork and procedures entailed by goods transportation.

We can combine different ground transportation means such as: truck and railroad in order that your load arrives to its destiny in excellent conditions according to our costumers’ needs.


  • Exclusive-usage equipment (FLT).
  • Stuffed cargo transportation (LTL).
  • General cargo handling.
  • Reefer cargo handling.
  • Hazardous cargo handling (IMO).
  • Bulk cargo handling.
  • Oversized cargo handling.

Domestic Transportation Services

Present in the main customs offices in Mexico, Grupo Soher offers transportation services to and from the entire country and its main ports in the following modalities:

  • Stuffed cargo.
  • 1.5 ton trucks.
  • 3.5 ton trucks.
  • Whole 20´, 40´ DC y 40´ HC containers.
  • Oversized and reefer cargo.

The agreements entered into by Grupo Soher and the main railroad carriers in Mexico and the USA allow us to provide an all-round service for your goods transportation. Among these is railway hauling to connecting railroads so as to place or remove railroad cars, from specific railroad spurs and public spaces in Mexico and the USA. Other services Grupo Soher may provide in railway transportation is the right to un-stuff goods in