Information relating to the laws and regulations applicable to the activity and kind of the goods that each company handles, as well as customs procedures, PITEX, "maquila", customs account, sector-specific programs, and NAFTA issues shall be provided as well as advice for the procedures related to any Government Agency in Mexico.

To render this service, it is important to have a general knowledge about the company and its foreign trade activities, so as to get involved and analyze the effect of the legal provisions. Likewise, this is useful for determining the openness of your company generated by the commercial openness of our country.

This is also useful so that we can provide answers backed by facts to more general matters related to the company whenever a decision must be justified regarding activities involving Foreign Trade operations.

We can also provide advice and consultancy in foreign trade matters including but not limiting to:

  • Estimation of duties.
  • Classification of tariffs.
  • Packaging and wrapping.
  • Management advising.
  • Commercial advising.
  • Mexican laws and regulations.
  • Defense against official actions